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Released: June 4, 2013

Bobby Harley - vocals, guitars
Krzysztof Stalmach - guitars
Curtis Manzys - drums

Music and lyrics by Osyron
Artwork by Brian Murray

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Emerging from a sea of fire, death and dust fill my lungs
Oceans boil and acid rains on our screams, claiming our tongues
The earth bleeds and shakes, consuming everyone
One last glimpse of the moon, before it crashes into the sun

All that I feel, no one can feel; it is locked inside (lost within this mind)
Can it be real? Is anything real, or just a dream? (that's all it seems to be)
All that I see, no one can see; it is locked inside (lost within these eyes)
Can it be real? Is anything real? I'm locked inside (and that's all I feel)

One last breath, a final bow; the fatal blow will fall
A curtain call for this endless scene, one I've come to know

Witness the world, so captivating, as the earth takes her final bow as they just stood there ever still
Like nothing happened before their eyes, oblivious, they fade away

My mind adjusts to reality, as my eyes adjust to the night
Forever a constant battle between me and the nightmare
But never one as dark as this - have I lived these images?

Carved in the back of these swollen eyes - in the back of this fractured skull

My vision’s stained with destruction - cities swallowed by the earth
Watch families crushed lifeless - just a collection of bones and dust

Nocturnal disturbances will no longer tease my mind with this fiction
When the nightmare ends I am free, but even freedom cannot save me

I'm on my knees, begging for understanding
I'm trying to make the blind to see; won’t you reach out to me?
A common goal; instinctual; it's survival
In our time of greatest need, won't you save me?

Look to the sky, look to the skies and see - watch people die, praying on their knees

Lift up my eyes, and welcome the dawn's white lights - today may be my last day

I feel the world crashing in on me; this foresight is not a blessing
Why should I fight to save the people I don't know?
Why should I care if they ever see the light?
Something inside tells me, "do not question why" - in truth I know that I must try

More wicked than death is failure before even taking a stand
Though it's not my fight, I'm compelled to save the people I don't know
A sacrifice cursed onto me - that terrible night, I can't let this dream come to be

I now play the role of every mother and father, every leader, every king
I now carry the burden of gods, will they believe this omen?

As the nightmare ends, I meet the day and face the fear that it brings
Against the odds I stand to save a world condemned

Liar you call me, smear my name and mock me - I tried to warn you but you wouldn't see the light
I've had a vision that would tear you from the deepest sleep - mark my words; the end is near

Hypocrites and unbelievers - I damn you all, I've done my best

Watch as fire swallows the sky, devouring all
(All) that you have known will come to an end

A fool; psychotic - your solution; minimize it
Diagnose, package and sort me, put me away for another day
Don't close your ears to the truth as it screams to you
If you don't heed these words, then reap your just reward

At the end of all time, can I say I saved but one life?
Or was it all a waste of breath fighting for you?

The sound of thunder eats away the illusion of safety; the sky starts to breathe fire and smoke
Familiar scenes play for my eyes, stripped from my mind

You've taken me for a fool and locked me away, shutting out every word in welcoming our final day

I watch and wait for it to take me like all the others before, but I remain to watch it fall

They all face the same fate; every man, woman and child
The innocent and the guilty; the strong and the weak - I damn you all

Flat-line; fighting for life, screaming for help trapped in oneself
Blackout; stuck inside, clawing his way up a never ending tunnel
Lifeline; a single pulse, a thread to guide you in the darkness
Relapse; he’s sinking again, we're waiting on a miracle

Crushing under pressure, he's reeling again
I'm fighting to save a life that I don't think I can

Oh god we need a miracle today - these dying pulses, this man's about to fade
Some higher power; divine intervention - this is out of reach for me, this is beyond my help

I shout only to hear my voice echoed back - wandering; vacant houses and empty streets
Shifting through the wreckage; no cries for help - only silence, a deafening silence

I have seen my world come down around me; stranded and alone
I face the day not knowing what comes my way - a timeless moment, nothing left but empty prayers

The picture fades on this broken scene - the corpses strewn around me; my everything
No sun above to bring warmth to my bones - only the prospects of world where I'm alone

No sun shines through on this broken day to cleanse these bones of their decay
I look to you my darling sun, I scream to you but you don’t hear these words I say

The picture fades on this broken scene - the corpses strewn around me; my everything
I meet the sun from the ashes of the fall - I have become a god the master of all I see


An empty face stares back at me expressionless, yet seemingly aware
"Do you know what troubles you, my friend?
Some voices says you will never awake again, but we have to believe

In this empty husk contained, is a trace of who you used to be

The endless nights and early days, a struggle painted upon your face
I wish to unlock your door and see the world through your eyes

In this empty husk constrained, is this the man we once knew?
We called you brother and now our words, do they even reach you?"

And with a gentle hand, the lights were turned out that night - stranding him, rendering him helpless
As her presence drifted for his senses; he felt from the earth a terrible rumble

As she turned for the door, he reached out to her - his strength failed him, his voice caught in his throat
"Wait do not leave, I have seen the end - it happens just like this"
The earth shook, the walls caved in, and the darkness swallowed him once more

Have I awakened to a dream or a nightmare? If this is fiction it seems all too real
The broken bodies in this shattered hallway - familiar faces without names to bear

Why do I feel I have seen this tragedy? The depth of which calls back to a dream
Was I a prophet, is this my making? Am I to blame for this twisted scene?

And with a crash I fell to my knees - the earth shook and threatened to take me
In awe I watched as the chasm lengthened - for the first time, I regret I lived

Go deep into the night - look amongst the wreckage for a sign of life

With a sigh, I turned my eyes away - with head hung low, my body moved again
I watched in awe as I walked away - for the second time, I regret that I lived

I've seen my world coming down around me - this time it feels - this time I feel it
I don't know what to say, I don't know what to expect
But I know my road is forward and behind only remains

The fire and brimstone; the wrath of a god unknown, but here I stand; this end it did not take me
As I face the monster, its hot breath licks my face, but still it doesn't take me

And that dark image carved into my skull - it taunts me again, laughing at this solitary man
The seething anger reflects itself in the world that crumbles around me

Now I'm awake and I have seen the dreams I've dreamt have come to be
The world is changed and I am one - the only one and one I'll stay

I control this vacant empire, I command these empty streets; a world crushed by earth and fire
I stand alone and admit defeat, but I will prosper

Me, the single; I alone - I, and no one else but me
My throne the ruined pedestal; My kingdom, an endless wasteland

Solitary, existing alone - all the time in the world to think of what's to come - I did not ask for this

Have I one more line to sing, or does my song end right here?
An endless symphony of discordant notes, the colour fades but I have to believe

With nothing left but me and time, I will walk the corners of this wasteland
Searching for my answer, will it come? It will come

And at the end, it was like the beginning - foreseen and expected though I reject it
Crown me king, I make me a god - this cruel burden I face without fear, I face in spite of fear

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