June 03, 2013

We have received the first review of our debut album, Harbinger! Metal Recommendations gave it an 8/10 and here are some excerpts:

"They released their debut album, Harbinger, earlier this year, and it’s excellent mixture of progressive metal, sludge metal, death metal, metalcore and classic metal. For me, this makes it accessible yet highly versatile and interesting. I loved their opening track, ‘Visions’ for several reasons – the vocals were clean, strong and pure, the guitar and drums commanding and the keyboard wasn’t corny or tacky, and had its own presence. ‘[Dormant] Insurrection’ has a triumphant intro thanks to the keyboard (I can’t get over how well it was used!), which morphs into a more traditionally heavy song. The vocal part also has some sprinklings of this same triumphant feeling too! ‘Becoming the Omen’ is a great ballad-like song that doesn’t sound like your regular sappy ballad. It’s still very metal."

"According to Osyron, Harbinger is ‘a story of one man's battle with the rapidly, and tragically, changing environment surrounding him. Progressive, powerful, epic, and dominating, the album contains styles ranging from crushing and heavy to catchy and melodic, and is guaranteed to grasp and hold onto to any listener's ear.’

After listening to the album, I think they summed it up pretty damn well, if I say so myself."

"Now, the opening of ‘Lifting of the Veil’ sounds exactly like a power metal song, but oddly enough, it doesn’t sound weird or out of place with the rest of the album. Kudos to you guys on this one! And ‘Ruination’ has almost symphonic elements, especially with the keyboards, while ‘Facing Fate’ has a little acoustic solo, as well as a regular electric guitar solo reminiscent of power or classic metal. I’m really digging the variety here! You don’t seem to get much of that these days."

Rating: 8/10 Bands You May Also Like: They did such a good job, I actually pulled a blank on this one. Why don’t you leave a comment if you can think of anything? Notable Track(s): Visions, Becoming the Omen, Gallery of Fools

To read the full review, click here.

June 01, 2013

Welcome to the new Osyron.com!

As time goes on we'll be adding more to the site like the lyrics of the songs, promotional pictures, videos (jamming, instructional videos, etc.), and more!

Our debut album, Harbinger, is available to listen in full on YouTube (link above), and will be available for purchase on many digital retailers. As of right now, it's on Bandcamp and is in the process of being available on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, etc.

We hope you enjoy the new website and the album! Let us know what you think of both, or if you run into any problems on the site.

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